Each room has a different structure, and you can feel the atmosphere of the mountain. The inside of the building is wider than an ordinary pension, and the interior design is pleasing and you can feel that "I want to live here ..." Aiming for a facility

Check-in: 13:00
Check out: 10:00
Parking: Free, 10 cars in front of main building, 10 cars in annex cottage

Free Wi-Fi internet connection LAN (wired) is available in the whole building.
* Bath towel, face towel, toothbrush set In the shared bathroom, body shampoo, conditioner in shampoo, shaving, dryer, etc. are available.

Large Log Room

Convenient to use, with bath and toilet (1 room only), 2-4 people, 1st floor

Coordinating a half log on the wall, a woody mountain feeling room.
It is a special room with a space of 25㎡  It is air-conditioned and guarantees a comfortable stay.
■ The guest rooms are located on the 1st floor and are close to the dining room and entrance, so it is a convenient room.
■ CD equipped with DVD,  LCD 38-inch TV, free WiFi, wired LAN, broadband connection, writing desk / LED desk light
* 2 single beds for 2 people. * For 3 people, 1 person will be a sofa bed. * Futon will be added for 4 people.


for 2 or 3 people with shared pablic bath and toilet  6 rooms on the 2nd floor

The open ceiling and big log create a mountain atmosphere. From the wide window, Niseko Annupuri (1308m) is looked over. In winter, the ski slop's night lights are beautiful.
■ Twin beds can accommodate 2 people. There is a log bed hanging on the ceiling, and it can be used by up to 3 people.
■ Refrigerator, LCD 36-inch large TV, FF stove, night stand, writing desk, LED desk light


for 4 to 5 people with shared public bath and toilet 3 rooms on the 2nd floor

The bed is set in a large loft, making it a two-story room. You can see the veranda and the white birch forest from the window.
■ Family members and men and women can use the first floor and second floor separately.
■ Refrigerator, FF stove, night stand, writing desk, LED desk light
■ LCD 38-inch TV, free WiFi, wired LAN, broadband connection



Japanese- Western room / bathroom shared 4-7 people 2 rooms on 2nd floor

Construction like a hideaway like a mountain hut. It is a structure full of the atmosphere of the forest. You can see the Niseko Annupuri (1308m) and the Datekamba Forest from the wide window.
■ It is a large room with a room of about 20㎡ and a space of about 6.6㎡ in the attic (loft) on the second floor.
■ The loft is a space where you can rest with futons for 4 to 5 people
■ refrigerator / LCD 38-inch TV, free WiFi, wired LAN, broadband connection,


Annex Milky House Cottageottage

Rental villa with bath / toilet / kitchen, capacity: 1 person, 1 minute by car, only one building

The Cottage surrounded by nature on the site of 10,000㎡. It is a rental villa boasting Milky House.

* The Cottage is 800m away from the Milky House main building in the opposite direction to the ski resort. Recommended for those coming by private car.

There is a kitchen and living room, so you can relax with your family or group. No worries in groups, even pets up to large dogs can stay together .
Behind the cottage, you can enjoy a large snowfield, deep forest, and peace of mind. You can enjoy snow adventure in the forest with snowshoes and sledding on the surrounding slopes.
There is also a famous hot spring that can be reached on a 200m walk(from 6:00 to 23:00 ). There is a convenience store (24 hr) in 10 minutes by car.

●Underground twin / triple unit bath

●1st floor Toilet / entrance / living / kitchen

●2nd floor Loft floor / Futon use 5, bedrooms

With kitchen, you can prepare your own meals. We also prepare cooking utensils and tableware for 10 people. Refrigerator, FF stove in each room
Audio AV amplifier, DVD player, LCD 38-inch TV, free WiFi, wired LAN, e, hot plate