Q & A

■□■  Q for Traffic and Access ■□■

 JR trane, Use  

Get off at Niseko Station on the Hakodate Main Line (* A express will scheduled to run from Sapporo only during the winter season (Niseko Express, Winter Nupuriwill run 1 round trip per day)

Taxis or buses run from Niseko Station. The bus stop,the nearest to Milky House is "Annupuri Ski ground".

* Milky House free picking up service is avilable from JR Niseko Station. Would you contact to Milky House directly, We 'll soon drive to Niseko St. between 9:30 to 16:00, But after 16:00, we can't pick you up due to the preparation of meals. If you would like a transfer, please contact us at the time of booking.

Please contact us directly from the station. If the tourist association counter on the premises is open, please contact us. The association staff will call to Milky House to pick you up.

● Niseko Hire Tel: 0136-44-2635

● Sprint taxi Tel 0136-55-5400

● Niseko International Exchange Tel 0136-22-1171

●Hatiriki taxi Tel: 0136-21-25087, ●Smile sightseeing taxi, Tel: 0136-48-2700

By car
1 From New Chitose Airport

Approximately 100 km, time required about 2 hours (without using the expressway) -Lake Shikotsu, National Route 276-Bifute Pass-Kimobetsu-Niseko Route 66 Route. * Plus 1 hour depending on snow conditions in winter

■ Ski bus use (winter only)

Ski buses (Hokkaido Chuo Bus,White Liner,Resort Liner) operate from New Chitose Airport or Sapporo. Reservation required,
The bus stop is "Annupuri Ski ground" or "Nuk Annupuri". Get off and walk down the slope to reach the Milky House in 2 minutes on foot. When the weather is bad or luggage is large, wewill able to pick you up by our car. Please contact us directly on your mobile

2. Winter season (from New Chitose Airport or Sapporo)

I take a ski bus. Where can I get off?

・ If you are using the ski bus (reservation required) from New Chitose Airport or Sapporo, please get off at the bus stop "Annupuri Ski glound" 、 "Nook Annupuri" or "Northern Resort Annupuri ".

  • Hokkaido Cyuuo Bus: Annupuri Ski gloundNook Annupuri/200m far from MilkyHouse
  • White Liner: Northern Resort Annupuri / 400m far from Milky House
  • Resort Liner: Northern Resort Annupuri / 400m far from Milky House

3. What should I go to from the bus stop? Is there any signboard.?

After getting off the bus, please go down the slope that came by bus with the ski resort in the back.Milky House is located besid the bus way, about 2-minute walking.

■□■ Q for Check in ■□■

1. What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is from 1pm and check-out is at 10am.
★ You can park your car, change clothes, and buy lift tickets even before check-in,
but please consult in advance by phone to make it smooth.
★ In the winter, we may keep the car key for snow removal,
so please consult us before going out.

2. Can I use a credit card?
・ Yes, we will correspond. Furthermore electronic money is handles by PayPay.
・ If you make a reservation from our website, you can also choose to pay by credit card.
Please pay in cash onsite, for lift charges incurred other than accommodation.

3. How can I store my luggage and change clothes before check-in and after check-out?
・Luggage can be stored at the dressing room on the 1st floor or at the entrance shop.
・ Please change clothes at the dressing room in the bathroom.
· You can use the AV theater in the basement for breaks after check-out.

■□■ WINTER Q for about Ski & Snoeboard ■□■

1. How much does a lift ticket cost? Do I need to book in advance?
・ No advance reservation isn't required. Please refer to the following price of the lift ticket.

A discount ticket for Annupuri Resort is available from Milky House front desk.
normal rate our rate
8hr 4,900 4,300 yen
1 day 5,400 4,800 yen
2 day 9,680 7,500 yen
3 day 14,000 10,800 yen
4 day 18,400 14,500 yen

We recommend this ticket as the most cost effective and convenient.
All mountain pass
normal rate our rate
1 day 7,400 7,000 yen
2 day 13,600 12,800 yen
3 day 19,800 18,300 yen
4 day 26,000 24,000 yen
7 day 44,600 41,100yen
we also offer free transfer to each ski area in Niseko only around 9:00. In the case of the shuttle bus, it will take 45 minutes to reach the Grand Hirafu ski area. With a Milky House pick up car, it can be sent in 15 minutes.

2. Do you have ski and snowboard related rental items?
・ We would like to introduce the recommended rental company that are affiliated with Milky House.
Please refer to the "winter first" phone number 0136-58-2501
price list. It's cheaper and better than other renting on the slopes.

It's enough to apply after arrival at Milky House. You actually inform the size to choose at our front desk. Approximately after 30 minutes your rental goods will be delivered.
In addition, we handle ski & board set, black canvas, telemark, fan ski, wear, goggles, accessories etc.
We'll gurrantee the speedy convernience and safty service.
snowboard rental: Boards+boots 1 day 1 person 3,800 yen
Ski rental: Ski+boots+poles 1 day per person 3,800 yen

Would you order us when your check in Milky House.
..............................1 day   2day  3day .....after 1 day
ski or snowbord rset 3800...... 6600 ......9200 ...1500-2000
same set as Kid ......3100 ......5500 .......7800...1000-1200
wear set ................2600 .......4400 .......5800 .....500-500
same set as Kid ......1900 .......3200 .......4200 .....700-900
glove .gogle, cap set .2600 .....4400 .......5800 ......500-500
full-set   6200   11000  15500 2100-3000
full-set=(ski-set or snowboard-set,wear,glove,ski-cap) 
If you prepare outdoor items (wear glove and cap etc),you can save your expenses.

3. I would like to join a ski school?
I'll inform about ski school.
But, their charge are higher rate than our staying charge.
Would you please take the reservation yourself.
It takes 5 minute walking to ski school and ski slope.
If you take private lesson, they will provide pick up service by their
car. You can't make reservation for Group lesson.

**Niseko Annupuri ski & snowboad school
Their lesson place is gentle slope in Annupuri ski slope bottom eara.
This place is very near from Milky House.
It's takes about 5 minute walking.
Group Lesson
Group lesson is some student who are same level techniqe within 6 persons lectureesson.
* SKI Lesson One person charge Half Day (2 hr) 5,800 yen
One person charge Full Day (2+2 hr) 9,300 yen
*SNOW BORD One person charge Half Day (2 hr) 6,300 yen
One person charge Full Day (2+2 hr) 9,800 yen
Lesson time: Morning / 10:00-12:00 Afternoon / 13:30-15:30

Private Lesson person 1 2 3 4
One person charge Half Day (2 hr) 27,000 35,000 41,000 45,000
One person charge Full Day (2+2 hr) 46,000 55,000 62,000 67,000

Annupuri Ski School provide low rate Lesson on group lesson unde Japanese language.
This school charge is reasonable price in Niseko.I recommend their teaching system.

** Niseko Fine
Ski / Snowboard Lesson
(English Speaking Instructor can be arranged)
You will have your private instructor just for your group or yourself.
Half Day (2hours) Fullday (4hours)
1 person 10,000JPY 16,000JPY
2 persons 19,000JPY 30,000JPY
3 persons 27,000JPY 42,000JPY
4 persons 34,000JPY 52,000JPY
Additonal charge for each member over and above 5 persons.
Max 7 persons in 1 group available

4. How long does it take to get to the ski area?
・ It is a 5-minute walk to the Niseko Annupuri ski giound. (10 seconds for a car!) The distance from the Milky House where you can see the gondola

■□■ Q, dinner and Breakfast ■□■

1.Please tell me the meal time?

[Dinner] We will start in the hall on the 1st floor at 6 pm, so please arrive in time. If you are likely to be late for, please contact us by phone in advance.

[Breakfast] Eat in the hall on the 1st floor at 8:00 am as well as dinner. We will finish breakfast at 9:00. We hope to hall umtil 8:40.

If you have an allergy due to your meal ... Please let us know the type and degree of reaction. We will correspond as much as possible. However, it does not support the level of likes and dislikes.

2. Can I order the dinner?

Our staying price is basicly depecd on including dinner & breakfast. But some internet travel site show only the B&B plan. Our dinner time will be fixed time, only 18:00-19:00, we start dinner together. But,If you are OK,would you try our deliciou dinner.

We are serving many kind of dinner course. usually we serve western
style.  We serve Japanese style once a three day.
Every restaurant will be very crowd on evening and few good place.
I recommend you have dinner in Milky House.  
* Dinner /3,500 yen at 18:00 breakfast / 1000 yen at 8:00
But, our staying guest are discounted as below.
* Dinner / 2,000 yen per adult 1,200 yen per child(12-4 years old)
* breakfast/ 700 yen
both needed forward reservation.
Would you inform until the day before tomorrow




■□■  "Takkyubin" shipment of luggage ■□■

You can also send and receive "Takkyubin" in Japan.

For Milky House shipments, please specify the arrival date the day before check-in.
It usually takes 4 days from Tokyo and Osaka to deliver.

Please include the name of the person making the booking in the sender's name field so that we can know it.

■□■□ Surrounding Infomation ■□■

1. Please tell me the time required for a nearby hot spring. ‥
・ More than 10 hot springs are scattered about 5 to 30 minutes by car from Milky House. Discount coupons for bathing facilities are available.

Also, at Milky House, we have a hot spring tour (an open-air "ONSEN" spring tour)every night. night from 7:30 pm after dinner. ⇒ Let's go to the hot spring recommended by the owner with a shuttle car from Milky House!

 2. Is there a place, ATM where I can withdraw money? ――
・ Seven-Eleven convenience store, about 10 minutes by car from Milky House,
You can also drop at Seven-Eleven on the way to the hot spring after dinner.
・There is the North Sea Shinkin Bank ATM and Niseko Post Office ATM in Niseko Town (12 minutes by car). ――

・AEON Bank ATM is located inside the Hilton Niseko Hotel. 25 minutes by bus from Niseko United shuttle bus (ride from bus stop / Annupri ski ground, get off at Hilton Niseko Village bus stop)

3. Is there a hospital around? ‥
・ Niseko Clinic (Internal Medicine TEL: 0136-44-2201) is about 10 minutes by car
・ Kutchan Kousei hospital (general hospital, emergency outpatient service TEL: 0136-22-1141) about 30 minutes by car. ――
* In case of disease or emergency accident on the ski slopes during your stay, we will take care of you from the customer's perspective.

4. Can a mobile phone connect? ――

.The Niseko Resort area has the same radio wave and Internet environment as the city.
Wi-Fi free connection is available in the MilkyHouse building, and there is a wired LAN terminal in the guest room..

★ If you have any questions or concerns, please call us.
Phone number: 0136-58-2200 Phone contact time: 8:30 am to 10 pm