Hall, dinner and breakfast eating place


We hope our guest that you can fully enjoy the relaxation which came from unique Niseko resort
The Milky House  serves retro atmosphere which was modeled from the villa of master writer named Takero Arishima, who is closely associated with Niseko, .
   The owner was originally working as banker, but he is particular about designing and creating an atmosphere. Each room has a different structure, and you can feel the mountain atmosphere.
We are aiming for a pension that will make you want to live here.
Let's go back to nature in Niseko. Forget about the town and we will guide you to the forest wellness. Come on in pastral.


Fire Place (play room)

fire place


ホール (食堂)


The hall on the 1st floor is the dining room, where we serves dinner and breakfast.
"What kind of room is the stairs going down to the basement? "
The exciting space is the fun of coming to stay ... If you come to the veranda from the hall, there is a large veranda with 50㎡ . Half of them have tents and are used for meals during the summer. It is the most popular seat in July and August.


It's possible to eat meals with their pets(dogs) together in veranda eara. You'll feel very comfortable to stay in veranda seats. We have many experience to meet wild bird, fox and squirrel.
In July and August, there will be a very popular request for barbecue dinners.
Surrounded by birch trees , you can relax.

Flavored tea, Japanese tea and hot water are available in the free cafe corner. There is also an espresso machine and It's serve coffee for 100 yen.
In the refrigerator, the draft beer and soft drink recommended by the owner can be freely taken out during the stay. (Payment is self-reported)
There is also a vending machine (24h) that allows you to purchase drinks anytime during your stay.


We have Audio Visual Theater on basement flower. You can also enjoy videos, DVD and games here. It's arrowed to have noisy meeting in evening because of its soundproofing effect.
There is also a hammock on the large veranda, which is a popular place from June to August.
♪ "I fell asleep too relaxed, and I was swollen by an insect bite".


A bay window overlooking the courtyard and veranda. It's like a seasonal show window and it's my favorite corner.
We decorate each season such as Christmas trees and New Year's decoration rice cakes.
The guest will fell the essential north land sense of the season.

It can be used by a shared bathroom (male / female), dressing room, and 3 people each for men and women. You can use it from 16:00 to 8:00 the next morning, even in the evening.
We have the latest hair dryer, conditioner, body soap, shaving, etc.

  There is one bath for each gender. You can bathe up to 4 people at a time. Available from 16:00 and available until 8:00 the next morning. You can enjoy the jet bus by touching the white panel on the wall.



Front Desk

●Check-in from 13:00, You can use it even before, we 'll prepare another room or space to keep your bagegge.                                               .
● Check-out until 10:00 Luggage storage and break use are available after that. Please consult at the front desk the day before.


Milky Green Court
         Milky House's tennis court is open to the guests free of charge next to The Cottage in the annex (1 minute by car and 15 minutes on foot). Please use it after contacting the owner. The lawn square next to the court is not surrounded by a fence, but can be used as a dog run. Tennis racket and ball can be rented.

Milky House Cottage
Fully equipped with bath, toilet, kitchen and living room. You can relax with your family. Best for groups! The cottage is a house standing on the site of 10000㎡area. You can enjoy a spacious snowy field, deep forest, and quiet peace behind the Cottage back.
If you would like hot spring, The famous outdoor Onsen is located 200m meters away.
The Cottage is about 800 meters from Milky House. It is about 1km away from the ski slopes, so it is recommended for those who can drive his own car.

Guide of washing machine
           * 70L large automatic washing machine and 50L dryer on the BF floor
* There is a small fully automatic washing machine in the men's dressing room.
                 ・ Including washing machine detergent, 1 time (40 minutes) 200 yen
               ・ Dryer once (60 minutes) 200 yen
It can be used with. Please ask the staff.